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Professional and Creative

It’s not always a case of four suited and booted directors nattering in a boardroom. Harridge Events have experience in organising simple corporate meetings to building-wide meeting days for businesses of all kinds. Whether the meeting content is aimed at clients, team members, or potential investors, relay your message as effectively as possible by using our professional event management expertise. Brand your venue to bring delegates into a fully-focused space, or introduce exciting team building elements to make their day more memorable.

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Our top tips for making your meetings less tedious?

  1. Choose a beautiful space with lots of light.
  2. Make sure you know the food is going to be good.
  3. Introduce an unexpected speaker.
  4. Ensure decor is muted, but add flowers and other happiness-inducing props to boost morale.
  5. Always make sure you are persoinally greeted at the entrance to the venue- this gets your day off to the perfect start.
  6. Offer branded pens and stationary, rather than those of the venue.
  7. Unlimited coffee!
  8. Always check dietaries in advance- no waiting for the caterers to come up with a last minute gluten free option.
  9. Have your technology set-up for you before you enter the room, start with an eye catching video.
  10. Have Harridge look after your “extras”- Someone unexpectedly ordered wine with lunch rather than the beverages provided in the delegate package? Don’t panic, this will be added to your final balance to be paid after the event to Harridge, so no embarrassing the cheeky culprit while paying your bill.

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Harridge Recommends:

“Choose a venue that is close to transport links to keep delegates happy. It’s worth double checking how good the Wifi in the room is to avoid last minute presentation disasters. We love to find spaces which are dedicated to creative meetings, even if you’re not a traditionally creative company- you will soon see that by making your meetings less boring, your delegates will begin opening up when they are less oppressed by wooden paneling and terrible carpets. Try the London Art House or the studio, Birmingham” 


Harridge Events could save you money- by using our unique position as an agency representing hundreds of corporations and businesses per year, we can negotiate savings on almost all suppliers published fees!