VIP Concierge Services

Harridge Events are proud to offer a fully comprehensive LUXURY LIFESTYLE CONCIERGE service without the annual membership costs including, but not limited to the following:

VIP Access to film premieres and awards ceremonies.

Access to private golf clubs and luxury dining.

Facilitation of membership to all private members clubs in London.

Access to celebrity parties worldwide

Access to the following private clubs for event purposes without memberships:

  • Groucho Club
  • Eight Club
  • Devonshire Club
  • The Clubhouse
  • Walbrook Club
  • Lutyen’s Restaurant and Member’s Club
  • City of London Club
  • The Ned Club
  • Library Club
  • Black’s Club
  • Century Club
  • And many others….

VIP Security covering destinations worldwide.

Luxury flight and yacht charters provided by reliable and discreet owners.

VIP Transfer and limousine services worldwide.

Premium runway transfer services from meet & assist to world-class lounge access across 600 airports.

Car concierge service.

Private and corporate removal and storage services.

Maid services.

Project management and personal assistants.

Pet relocations.

Retail therapy experiences in the world’s top shopping destinations.

For VIP travel please visit Harridge Luxury