Concierge Service- A restaurant in a box you say?


Spotlight: Premium pre-prepped meal delivery service

Tight schedules and lack of time mean that few people in the City get the opportunity to cook on a regular basis.

Well, now you can have your gourmet meal and cook it, too. Soren Jessen and Chef Juri Ravagli have created an impromptu gourmet experience to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

The chef designed a collection of seasonal specials and 1 Lombard Street signatures that contains the makings of dinner for two or more.

When you open the box, you’ll find all the necessary ingredients vacuum-sealed, already chopped, blanched, or otherwise prepped.
All you need to do is finish the job, by pan-roasting the rack of lamb, say, or searing the scallops. If you are after more of a culinary challenge, we have a few of those on offer too.

The ingredients themselves are fresh and expertly sourced from top restaurant suppliers, better than anything you can find in the supermarket. The instructions are so well detailed and easy to follow that you should sit down to a superb dinner within thirty to forty minutes of opening the box and if you get rid of the packaging your guest will be under the impression you laboured over dinner all day.

Here’s to improving your culinary repertoire and making life taste better, one meal at a time. Call Harridge Events today to arrange your meal delivery service with special offers on regular deliveries!

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