Destination Weddings: Home or Abroad?


The UK is clearly unreliable for boasting good weather during wedding season, so why not have a destination wedding instead? Calming oceans and sandy beaches are an ideal landscape for taking your vows. Luckily, here at Harridge Events we have already imagined your dream wedding then re-imagined it 100 times, and below are a few tips to help you with the planning process.


Destination weddings far from home warrant invites sent ASAP along with itineraries sent out once RSVPs are back; this allows guests to be aware of everything that will be happening on the run up to the big day. The itinerary doesn’t need to be precise, but should give guests a rough idea on the running order from when they arrive at the resort/hotel. The rehearsal dinner can be a good time to say thank you for coming all that way.



Oh look at that… using a blog to shamelessly advertise our tailor-made and bespoke services! Tut tut! But while we are on the subject….

An important aspect which many brides can overlook are cutting costs from the get go. A wedding planner will have this in mind from day one, which will allow you to fully enjoy the wedding experience and know that your special day is in experienced hands. Leave the stressing to the planner, it’s what we deal with best! It’s a simple process and you’ll have one point of contact for all suppliers involved.


Planning is essential as there are more factors to bear in mind. You have to be aware that your guests are committing themselves to a long-term engagement financially. Although you can get amazing group offers as you are having a big event, but on the other hand the further the destination, the more unlikely people are to come due to the expense.

With any venue, domestic or international, you wouldn’t sign on the dotted line before seeing it and getting a feel for the space itself. This is why planning in advance is so important- be sure to arrange a venue visit and not be persuaded by a photo alone.



One of the crucial parts of any destination is choosing the all-important LOCATION. Before a decision is made, there are a few questions to take into consideration:

  • Is the destination easy to get to? The harder the location is to get to, the more expensive it can be…
  • What will the weather be like? Analyse the location’s weather patterns to determine what the best time of year would be…
  • What is there to do? Your guests will treat this as an extension of their holiday so it’s always a good idea to research into the activities and places they can go as well…
  • Do you want to have your honeymoon in the same location? It is always a good idea to have your honeymoon in a different location… Even if in a town nearby to get away from your relatives!

Popular destination wedding locations:

  • Jamaica
  • The Bahamas
  • Aruba
  • Antigua
  • Hawaii
  • The Islands of Tahiti
  • Greece
  • Fiji
  • Las Vegas
  • New York City
  • Thailand

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