Team building Workshops


Looking to get creative with your team building?

Relax with your colleagues this Autumn.

Hyyge Workshops- on trend NOW

Using fallen branches and natural yarns, we can take guests through the therapeutic process of creating a wall hanging for their home.

More expensive than gold per gram, we will be holding a honey tasting where guests will be able to try a range of honeys from around the world. After this our bee keeper will be demonstrating some of the basics of bee keeping and explaining their importance of bees to the eco system.

The Heaps + Stacks team will be able to take guests though a fun and colourful watercolour workshop where they will be able to paint the nights sky. Guests will experiment with salt, bleach, soap and even gin to make these beautiful pieces the celebrate the night.

As a mindful moment within your event our tea reading will see a tea master distribute crockery and flower tea balls to guests. Once they have the apparatus they need hot water will be poured over the top whilst the tea master describes the kinds of teas on offer and their benefits.

Beauty Blast- For men and women



Perfect for parties. 

This station will see guests have their faces transformed with beautiful petals and bright pops of eye shadow.

Making roots a statement, girls will be able to have glitter added to their partings to make a powerful photo moment.

Turning their faces into an arrangement, guys will be able to embrace the flower power look with floral beards. Our staff will attach flowers with micro rings so the flowers last in place the whole evening.

All the fun of the 80’s, the Crimper Café will see stylists use all kinds of crimpers (normal, wave plates and patterns such as hearts and stars etc.) on the guests hair to create striking hair dos.


Do something different.
Blacksmithing is the craft of heating metal (wrought iron and steel) on a forge then hammering, drawing, bending and upsetting it to make useful and wonderful, sculptural forms. This session will teach guests to make hook, a poker or a toasting fork – perfect for the winter months.

Pin Hole Camera Making

Make your own memories.
Guests will learn how to create their very own pin hole camera. The workshop leaders will take groups through the step by step process to create something totally unique to capture their memories of the day beautiful and timeless style.
We have tonnes of other ideas to keep you busy during the Winter months! Get in touch with Harridge Events to plan your perfect team building day in the UK or internationally.

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