2018 Wedding Cake Trends


A wedding cake is arguably a necessity on your special day, certainly it is a welcome snack for any guest in the taxi home! Seeing the bride and groom cut the cake is an iconic moment during any wedding, producing wonderfully romantic photos; thus they are becoming more outlandish and personalised than the dress itself!

Not sure where to start? For all the indecisive brides out there, I can reveal the latest wedding cake trends for 2018-19 to ensure that your cake is the talk of the town!

Dripping in chocolate…

Drip cakes are the latest fad to popularise over the first half of this year, they really offer WOW factor at any style of wedding, from luxury to traditional.

“It looks like an organised mess… but who doesn’t love organised mess?” 

The decoration can be made from various different sweet treats and confectionery such as truffles, meringues, sugar flowers, or macrons.


Mixed colours with metallic hints…

The best thing about marble cakes is the ability to combine any number of colours into pretty pattern to match any colour scheme. For a creative wedding, this is the perfect special touch to keep your guests talking. Marble and metallic feature tiers with icing in the same colour family, or in contrasting colours are both striking looks.

The primary draw to this trend is the endless variety of wonderfully unique mixtures of colours; you’ll never get the same design twice… how AMAZING is that?!


Lines and precision on a cake?

If precision and accuracy is your thing, geometric cakes could be the trend to tick all your boxes; capturing simplicity through linear architectural design.

Our advice is to stick to simple colour palettes to avoid colours competing with your eye catching design. A touch of metallic and 3-D additions, are sure ways to make any design pop!


Have more than just rock on your finger…

One of Earth’s most wondrous natural creations, crystallised rocks, can be moulded onto your wedding cake with precision and care. Geode cakes are not only beautifully delicate, but create a timeless centrepiece for your jaw-dropping wedding.


Artistic flare and style…

This delicate and creative style of wedding cake can generate a PERSONAL touch added to each design.  A hand-painted design is a gorgeous touch to enjoy on your wedding day. The possibilities are endless as this type of cake speaks directly about you- you could even have a story board of how you met on the cake!


To bare all, or cover up?

Wedding cakes can be on a tight budget and that’s okay! Why not have a rustic themed cake to match a festival themed or country style wedding? You can have a thin coating of buttercream to seal the cake and create a “dirty iced” effect, allowing a small amount of cake to show through. This design is an age-old favourite for couples who want a simplistic, yet elegant addition to their modern wedding style.


From Russia with love…

The latest new style craze to hit the cake scene is the brushstroke cake from Russia, where chocolate is made to look like acrylic-paint brushstrokes. Drawing on chic, art-deco roots, is actually amazing how such simple shapes can be made to look this incredible. It appeals to the artistic side in any couple and definitely a trend we want to a client’s wedding cake soon!


All dressed in white… or ivory?

The most traditional colours for a wedding are undeniably white, OR ivory.

So you may think white-on-white is boring and unoriginal? Think again… Dressed up with different embellishments such as royal icing piping designs, sugar flowers, quilted fondant, petals, pearls and ruffles, white can look as grand and classy as any coloured cake!

I hope you have enjoyed our round up of this year’s top trending cake designs. If you would like any advise on where to source something similar, just get in touch!

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